What We Offer

ATMS and Amusement Games for your establishment

We provide ATM machines and Amusement Games such as (Classic Arcade Games, Pool tables, Internet and Classic Juke Boxes, Crane Games, Golden Tee's, PacMan, Ms.PacMan, Galaga, Dart Games, Pinballs, etc... you name it we got it... change machines provided) to all types of businesses seeking to increase their income throughout Atlanta, Geogria and parts of Alabama to date.

Whether your business is a night club, gentlemen's club, bar, convenience store, gas stations, hotels/motels, office buildings, retail stores, shopping center/malls, restaurant's and any special event requiring access to instant cash to increase sales and income for your business/events... We have the right solutions for your needs.

CLUBS, RESTAURANTS, ALL STORES AND BARS benefit greatly for providing quick cash to their patrons as statistics show that customers spend more money (25% MORE) with cash in hand.


Hotel guests and office building workforces need accesss to INSTANT CASH. Provide the convenience for them at no cost to you and make a profit while doing so. ATM machines and Games add value to your establishment and business location.


Thank you for dropping by TNT Amusements and ATMS, LLC... Let's get down to business.

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